On-Site Clinical Laboratory Services

Transform your institution or workplace with our on-site clinical diagnostic laboratories – a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective solution for clinical laboratory management.

  • Comprehensive Bio-Monitoring
  • On-site Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Real-time & Fully Integrated Results
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Workplace Laboratory Solutions

Your Partner in Compliance and Safety Excellence in Today's Evolving Business World.

In today's dynamic business and economic landscape, both risk management professionals and employers seek continuous improvements in job-site safety and workplace compliance. That's why companies nationwide consistently turn to MSL for a wide range of cost-effective testing programs that promote a safer and more compliant work environment.

Unmatched Expertise

Experience Seamless Integration and Enhanced Healthcare Delivery with Our Highly Trained Laboratory Technicians.

At Mobile Stat Laboratory Solutions, our laboratory technicians undergo rigorous training lead by clinical lab scientists and seasoned operational managers, with guidance and feedback from our medical director, bolstered by robust administrative support. This comprehensive approach ensures their seamless integration into your clinical operation, enabling them to fully align with your mission for healthcare delivery.

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The Leading Provider of On-Site Occupational Health Solutions

We specialize in workplace substance abuse testing and on-site clinical laboratory services.

MSL is the Preferred Workplace Safety Solution for:

Large Employers

Correctional Health Institutions

Healthcare Facilities

We're Aiming for a Healthier Workforce!

Discover how Mobile Stat Lab can benefit your company with services such as
workplace drug testing, employee health screening, and medical clearances.